Jim Kleefeld-Magician


Jim Kleefeld is a full-time professional performer, specializing in school and library shows. Each year for over twenty-five years, he has developed, created and performed a new and different magic show based on a theme. Jim has created magic shows all about Outer Space, the Wild West, the Olympics, Underseas Adventure and dozens more. Three different educational Reading shows and several on Character keep Jim busy in area schools. Each summer he performs for many dozens of libraries all over Ohio. He also performs his Colonial Magic and Renaissance acts at fairs and festivals. Jim’s specialization in the area of themed shows has led to his being a lecturer for many clubs and conventions such as Kidabra and Magi-Fest. He is an accomplished writer and artist, illustrating dozens of other magicians’ books and authoring several of his own. In addition, he has had articles published in many magic magazines and was a long-running columnist for M-U-M, LaughMakers, and Funny Paper. Jim lives and performs near Cleveland. He and his wife Diane have two grown sons.